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Invest in our children!

I appreciate Mrs. Donalds' story. She seems like a sincerely good and bright person, and a dedicated wife, mother, professional, and public servant. How she finds the energy to do all she does, I'll never know!

Something's weighing on my heart, though. I had lunch with a friend yesterday who teaches 27 students in one of her Collier County middle school math classes. Each student has different, special abilities, each needing extra attention. She had to divide her attention among 27 students in the 45 minute class. That's less than 2 minutes per student!

To facilitate this, she used math software programs that allowed them to work on individual skills, then she walked around and helped them, but there were only 26 computers in the class, so one student had to take turns going to the library.

I love Mrs. Donalds' offer to help, but I beg her to focus her energy and talents on getting more funding for our schools, so the district can hire more teachers, pay them better, provide adequate facilities, so they can then give students the individual attention they deserve.

Florida ranks 47th in the nation in education spending. We need to stop worrying about saving taxpayers every penny, and find new ways to generate revenue for our schools. It's unfair to hold teachers and superintendent accountable for student performance in an underfunded system. Our local elected officials shouldn't do what the state and federal government continuously do - set expectations (in this case, for individualized service) without making sure schools have the resources they need to meet them.

Anne Hartley more than 5 years ago

Erika Donald's

What an amazing story, and what an amazing woman!!! May God continue to bless you and honor you in all that you do!!!

Anna Mabry more than 5 years ago

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