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A cut score is the line drawn on our state exam to show whether a child is proficient in a subject. This is important because no matter how great our standards or our tests, if we set a low passing bar, we are not helping our students. Read more


Florida’s student achievement has improved dramatically since we began to grade schools. In 1999, nearly half of Florida’s third graders could not read and Florida’s graduation rate was barely above 50 percent. Read more


An update on Collier County Public Schools' Board Meetings from August and September 2015. Read more


As Erika Donald's family prepares for back-to-school, Erika offers a less traditional back-to-school checklist of “to-do” items that have served her family well over the years. Read more

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In Collier County, we had 5 charter schools serving approximately 1,400 students. As education choice becomes more prevalent in our state, school districts must find ways to meet the demand for alternative methods of teaching and learning. Read more


There’s always time for a second chance when it comes to education! Collier County School Board member Erika Donalds opens up about learning her lesson and changing direction in her education. Read more

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Collier School Board member Erika Donalds breaks down the current state of standardized testing in the Collier County Public Schools. Read more


At the February school board meeting, the calendar committee presented three options for the start of school in 2015: August 10, August 17 or August 24. Unfortunately, only one of the three options was permitted by state law at the time. Read more


Your involvement in the district decision making is crucial to your own students’ academic achievement, but it is also important for the success of our district as a whole. Here is the meeting information and contact info for Collier County School Bo Read more


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