Kids Eat Free 2020

Kids Eat Free Southwest Florida

An infographic on which local and chain restaurants that kids can eat free in Southwest Florida

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How to help your struggling reader. Diana Myers-Finch, president of Reading Rescue Naples, helps you learn the signs that may indicate dyslexia in your child, as well as offering some tips to help your child. Read more


Reading together regularly is the best way parents can help their children learn to read. Here are some tried and true methods to use when you read side by side with your young learner. Read more


If your preteen, tween or teen has access to a smartphone or the internet via computer, it's important to know which apps are popular with their age group. Read more


​When making your summer plans and coordinating camp options for the kids, broaden your thinking and consider family camp. If you have never heard of family camp, it is exactly what it sounds like, a residential camp experience for the whole family. Read more


This summer many preschool-aged children will be heading to day camp. Day camp for young children has many benefits, such as making new friends and learning to follow directions from adults other than their parents. Read more


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