Setting Intentions, Rather Than Goals, for the New Year

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Vision boards

If I was making a vision board, I would use images to reflect my intentions, not words. Images can capture your desires in a fun and inspiring way. However, remember with intentions you wait for your intuition to guide you instead of making a list of things to do from past experience or research.

Sandra Jones-Keller more than 2 years ago

Vision Boards

Hi Sandra! I'm hosting a Vision Board event this week and I will introduce Intention setting vs Goal Setting. I think tis is wonderful! But, how do you capture your intentions visually? Would you use words and not necessarily images? Would love your thoughts on this.

Katrina more than 3 years ago

Vision Boards

Hi there, Katrina! Sandra does not have access to our website to answer. You can go to her website for contact information. Thanks for reading! more than 3 years ago

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