The Lousy Truth About Lice

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Diy sklice and Ulefsia

Sklice can be made at home for as little as $5. You can purchase Ivermectin at any Farm Supply store. Mix one syringe of Ivermectin with 2 syringes of any lotion or conditioner and apply and let sit for 10 minutes. You can also make your own Ulefsia. Mix 1 tablespoon of Benzyl Alcohol (I found it on Amazon for $7) with 3 tablespoons of any lotion or conditioner. Apply and let sit sit for 10 minutes. There is NO reason to spend hundreds of dollars for a prescription that every ingredient can be found over the counter. It's just big pharmacy conning everyone.

HILARY more than 3 years ago

DIY Sklice and Ulefsia

Sorry, I just saw this comment. This is great advice! more than 3 years ago

DIY Sklice and Ulefsia

This is interesting, thank you! more than 3 years ago

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