The Lousy Truth About Lice

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Diy sklice and Ulefsia

Sklice can be made at home for as little as $5. You can purchase Ivermectin at any Farm Supply store. Mix one syringe of Ivermectin with 2 syringes of any lotion or conditioner and apply and let sit for 10 minutes. You can also make your own Ulefsia. Mix 1 tablespoon of Benzyl Alcohol (I found it on Amazon for $7) with 3 tablespoons of any lotion or conditioner. Apply and let sit sit for 10 minutes. There is NO reason to spend hundreds of dollars for a prescription that every ingredient can be found over the counter. It's just big pharmacy conning everyone.

HILARY more than 3 years ago

DIY Sklice and Ulefsia

Sorry, I just saw this comment. This is great advice! more than 3 years ago

DIY Sklice and Ulefsia

This is interesting, thank you! more than 3 years ago

Have Superlice x 1year now.

OH thank you for the recipe. I was wondering what substance to mix the benzyl into.

I am a registered nurse and I have had head "super" lice for a YEAR now, and have tried EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING, including a $200 RX for 1 bottle of Spinosad, which only made the bugs "mad" and they bit nonstop. Nonstop, The bugs were merely irritated by the Spinosad shampoo, they were biting me so fast, they could not possibly be getting any blood, just bite bite bite. Was torture, yet i left it on for 24 hours to get my moneys worth, but it did not work.

I have spent $100s on hiring a "lice nurse" at $100 per hour to comb out nits, spending probably $1000s on various products, nothing works entirely.
I have even shaved my head daily for a month, wearing a wig, (i even rotate the wigs)
and let my hair grow back to be 1 inch long after 1 month of baldness? and yet, i still have head lice. I met someone online who has had headlice for "as long as she can remember".

These superlice are no joke, and i get annoyed reading article after article of how to cure them, and i know for a fact, that product or method does NOT work.
I have changed my bed linens every night x 1 year, throw my entire pillow into dryer every night.
I only sit on my kitchen chairs, and i rotate to a new one every night, and keep it covered with a fresh "Dollar Store" shower curtain. (IN case i am contaminating my chair?)
I keep all my barrettes, brushes, etc, in freezer. I have several sets, and rotate, leaving each set in freezer x 7 days.
I comb my hair with fine tooth lice comb almost daily, rotating that each day, as well, and storing those in freezer, too.
I have used Every product you can name. I put "something" on my hair almost daily.
I have left these lice shampoos and treatments on my hair for DAYS at a time, even when the bottle says "rinse out after 10 minutes".

The only thing that helps slow them down was VASELINE. I use dawn soap to get it back out and i get a few days of no biting! but, then,------------ the eggs hatch and it begins all over again, and again. and again. FOR A YEAR. Yes, that's right, an entire year now.
SO, now, i just mixed up a batch of Benzyl Alcohol with thick hand lotion (to help it not run off my head) and I have been sitting here x 2 hours with a bonnet over my hair. I did make it at 5% strength, but,, if it does not work, and if i have no reaction? I know me, i will increase the strength. I always "over do" all the treatments, yet, nothing works.
I give up. I have tried everything.
I also suspect, these lice do NOT die in a few days when they fall off of a human as everyone "says" they do. OH, and i live alone, and hug no one. I am not re-catching these from anyone.
If this was not happening to ME? i would not believe this story either.
anyway, i am hoping this Benzyl Alcohol will actually work...

LiceHead x1year 41 days ago


Hello, we hope these tips have helped you. We cannot recommend anything that we have not researched or tried, but hope you have the best outcome! 36 days ago

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