How are gifted children identified in Collier County?

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How to Identify

Where can parents of gifted children turn for assessing their child or children when their school fails to recognize a gifted child or simply does not have the means to understand when a child or children are gifted?

Dorothy Kramer more than 4 years ago

How to Identify

Hi Dorothy,

This comes from personal experience: I used a private child psychologist who administered a more comprehensive IQ test than the school was using. Unfortunately, he no longer offers this service. I would call Christine Borelli, Ph.D, who is advertising in our September issue. Her ad states that she offers educational assessments. Her number is 631-903-7886. These evaluations can be expensive but for my child it was worth it as she got identified as gifted and an IEP. --Stacy more than 4 years ago

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