Collier County Schools "Bring Your Own Device" Initiative Explained

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Unfortunately your I.T. head lacks knowledge in the connectivity of these devices. These phones and/or tablets do not have to connect to CCPS WiFi to have internet access, they have 3G & 4G connectivity from their service provides and they can also connect to nearby unsecured WiFi routers! CCPS can only filter content with their own WiFi and the other connections remain unfiltered and unrestricted! The teacher may think the student is researching a class topic when in fact the student is watching PORN or SEXTING! Does anyone think ahead anymore?

Andy - Network Engineer more than 6 years ago

Computers and technology

Are we teaching them read, write, add, subtract and think...or play with computers and all the neat gadgets...

Kids can't read or write because they rely on technology.

Jack more than 7 years ago

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