special needs

Anna Snyder helps parents learn tools to navigate air travel with children on the autism spectrum or with other sensory disorders through personal stories and expert advice. Read more

Special Needs

Here are a few options to make sure your child with special needs has an awesome summer. Read more


For families with children who have special needs, the summer months can prove to be a daunting obstacle. The need for childcare, as well as educational bridges between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next, creates a burden. Read more

Special Needs

Many parents of special needs children appear to parent with grace, balance, and energy. In addition they also seem remarkably stress-free and organized. How, in the face of all of these challenges and more, do they keep it together? Read more

Special Needs

Massage is beneficial to almost anyone, but children in particular have an essential need for touch. Touch stimulates our brains in many ways, most noticeably in our limbic cortex, which is the area of the brain that allows us to generate emotions. Read more


Get your kids excited about summer by checking out these awesome options for summer camp fun! You’ll find the perfect camp for a week or the entire summer. Read more

The title “special needs” encompasses such a wide range of diagnoses, but regardless of his unique situation, each child with special needs can thrive and develop a talent for the arts with the appropriate exposure and training. Read more

Special Needs

A 504 plan spells out the modifications and accommodations that will be needed for a student with special needs to have an opportunity to perform at the same level as their peers. Read more


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