As Erika Donald's family prepares for back-to-school, Erika offers a less traditional back-to-school checklist of “to-do” items that have served her family well over the years. Read more

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Are you searching for a way to add structure to your family’s summer? Why not create your own bucket list? You can decide to make one for your entire family, or have each family member create their own. Read more


We checked the Naples Dollar Tree to find bargains and came up with 10 items we think are well worth buying. Check out our suggestions for saving big bucks on everyday items. Read more


Spring cleaning doesn’t have to apply only to our homes. It also works well for our calendars. Here’s how you can give your daily planner a makeover that will restore energy to your days in the months to come. Read more


Are you out of display space for your children's artwork, but can’t bring yourself to toss their colorful creations into the trash? Try reusing their art with these unique projects—and reclaim your fridge in the process. Read more

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With school back in session on August 18, you can start the year off right by implementing one of more of our back to school organization tips. Read more


Chalkboard paint has been around the decorating world for a few years. You've seen it on a wall in the kitchen or in a child's room. We have 5 fun projects that use blackboard paint in unexpected ways. Read more


Just about every kid has a pile of stuffed animals and just about every mom wishes she had a better way to keep them organized. Here are 5 awesome storage ideas to corral your child's stuffed friends while keeping them available for play. Read more


Clutter is inevitable, especially during the school year when a new batch of graded papers, permission slips and loot from classroom parties arrive on a daily basis. Our suggestions will help you cut clutter and get organized this year. Read more


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