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Instead of New Year’s resolutions, here’s is a list of what to let go of in 2019. Read more

Art therapy sessions are conducted by an independent registered art therapist and mental health counselor and utilize the therapeutic use of art to help children who experience emotional difficulties, mental illness, trauma, or life challenges. Read more


For some, the holidays are the favorite time of the year. For others it’s unwanted encounters, financial pressure and even depression. Here are some key tips to make the most of this holiday season. Read more


Mothers in the “sandwich generation” (between the ages of 35 and 54 who are simultaneously caring for children and aging parents,) feel more stress than any other age group. This stress impacts all aspects of their lives. Read more


David Lawrence Center Introduces Mental Health First Aid Certification Prevention Program

The David Lawrence Center is pleased to announce the introduction of the Mental Health First Aid Certification Prevention Program for identifying warning signs in Youth and Adult populations. Read more

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Making Positive Choices is a psycho-educational series that helps adolescents (14-18) who are experiencing difficulties making choices that support a healthy lifestyle take their life in the right direction. Read more


The longer and warmer days of spring herald a new season and the opportunity for you to invite change and increased energy into your lie. Consider it a restart button and use those extra hours of daylight to pamper yourself and plan for self-renewal. Read more


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