Neapolitans are used to picking up shells from our beautiful beaches. But do you know anything about those pretty shells? A shell hunting expedition could be just the thing to add some extra fun to a spring break day off of school. Read more


When we were kids, summer camp probably meant something different to us than it does to our children. For us camp meant camp: cabins or tents, canoeing, hiking, singing songs around a campfire, and general camaraderie. Read more


Half the fun of gift giving is presenting your carefully selected gift and watching the recipient peel away the wrapping. Here are 5 creative wrapping suggestions to make your holiday gifts even more fun to give and receive! Read more


We moms knows that kids love making craft projects. We certainly love displaying their artwork. What better way to display your child's creativity than on the Christmas tree? Read more


Imagine a high-tech, outdoor treasure hunt and you have geocaching! Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS. It’s a fun, free, family activity and it is sweeping Naples and the rest of the country. Read more

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