Cannabis is medicine, says one Naples mom determined to change the stigma and public perception through education. Read more


Who pays the attorney in a divorce and family court? The Florida Dissolution of Marriage Act contains a provision for the recovery of attorney’s fees to assist in these imbalanced situations. Read more

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What if you could have the best of both worlds—a memorable family vacation with the kids and a romantic holiday without them? Martin County, Florida can give you both. Read more


Nearly every year over the past five years, the Florida Legislature has considered, deliberated, and pondered significant alimony reform. The current bill proposes to completely change the way that alimony is determined in Florida. Read more

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Photograph by Frank Brinker

Our Travel Editor Karen T. Bartlett, takes you on a journey through the alphabet in Southwest Florida. Read more


What prehistoric sea creature has the head of a horse, the tail of a monkey, and the pouch of a kangaroo, and lurks right here in the shallow bays of Southwest Florida? Read more


Forming the headwaters of the Silver River, Silver Springs were one of the largest known spring flows in the world. Surrounded by Silver River State Park, the 242-acre former attraction will now be part of the Park and will share its name. Read more


Our state's capital is a wonderful vacation destination with plenty to do and see for families. Read more


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