If you think yoga is about flexibility, challenging poses, and a Zen attitude, you’ve got part of it. Yoga has physical and emotional benefits for people of all ages including children. Read more


Looking for an awesome place to ride with your family? Check out this list of scenic spots to ride with your entire family. Read more


Cycling is great exercise and a great way to connect with family. With several cycling-specific trails, beautiful scenery and perfect winter weather, Naples is certainly a good choice for family cycling. Read more


​Add this to the list of new mom woes -- for the first eight weeks of your newborn’s life, your pediatrician advises you not to take your newborn to any public place. If you're a Naples mom with a newborn, we have suggestions on where you CAN go. Read more


The Blue Zones Project encourages healthy living principles among the residents of Southwest Florida. It is a community-centered program that seeks to create a common goal: the pursuit of longevity through healthy, fulfilling lifestyle choices. Read more


New mom Anna Futrell checked out group workout classes in Naples to help you get back into shape after childbirth. Read more


You can certainly walk around your neighborhood and on most evenings, that may be the default. But if you have a little more time and want to venture out of your comfort zone, try one of these Naples-area options. Read more


Exercise during pregnancy can be a major stress reliever, as long as it is done safely with you and your baby’s well being in mind. Read more


Let’s face it – being fit and healthy is not easy. Exercise is tough. Finding the time to do it is tough. Eating right is tough. Finding the time to shop right and eat right is tough. By: Cindy Roorda, Director of Group Exercise and Fitness. Read more

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