Are you interested in helping CCPS better their communication with parents? Please email to get involved in the new communications parent committee. Read more


Make meal time playful and fun with games, sure to spark conversation between you and your children and strengthen your relationship with one another. Read more


In light of modern technology, connecting as a family should be simpler than ever. Yet hectic work schedules, distractions (electronic and otherwise), or other demands can get in the way. Here are 10 easy ideas for greater connection. Read more


Feeling a little frustrated with the one or two-word answers you get from your children when you try to find out how they feel or what’s going on in their world? Maybe it’s time to change the questions to get the conversation really going! Read more


It’s very easy to confuse meaning and create drama in our relationships, if we’re not careful. Here are three quick tips to create more peaceful conversations and avoid very common communication pitfalls. Read more


Although many parents want to be involved in their teen’s life, they don’t know where to start. Our tips will help you navigate the path of communicating with your teen. Read more


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