Anna Futrell

Allison Alexander, of Southwest Florida, gives us an honest and inspirational story of her family's adoption journey. Read more


Do YOU have what it takes to be the parent of an artistic child? Read more

The Arts

For families interested in homeschool education but intimidated by all that is involved in the process, hybrid education may be the answer. Read more


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Meet Carla Delgado Grippa, who through a career in reinventing her clients’ wardrobes has reinvented herself as well. Read more


New York Times bestselling author and Naples Mom Kelle Hampton gives us permission to be both a parent who loves summer and makes efforts to create fun and a parent who’s raising a white flag three days in. Read more


To help with the confusion over what can and cannot be recycled, we’ve asked the experts for clarification on the items that cause the most contamination. Read more

News Briefs

This is how Jennifer Mazorra, 36, of Naples was diagnosed with phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare brain-threatening genetic disease. Read more


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: losing a child to Sudden and Unexplained Infant Death Syndrome (SUIDS, often shortened to SIDS). No one believes it will happen to their family. Read more


Even if you never were a Girl Scout or Boy Scout, you may be aware of the benefits of Scouting for your child: learning new skills, developing leadership qualities, access to ridiculously addictive cookies. Read more



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Helpful tips on what and what not to bring camping with your family, along with some yummy, easy and outdoor-friendly recipes you can try out! Read more

Several local families have shared their overnight camp experiences with us, and the parents all agree that overnight camp has fostered confidence and independence in their children. Read more

Several families share their best holiday recipes and tips and tricks to make them easy. Read more


After some weeks of research and consideration, my family and I made a few treks around the southern part of Florida to visit some places I had never heard of. The requirement was simple – adventures had to be accessible to families from Naples. Read more


What, exactly, do moms with twins experience? Neapolitan Family writer Anna Snyder spoke with two moms in Naples about their experience with twins. Read more


Are you searching for a way to add structure to your family’s summer? Why not create your own bucket list? You can decide to make one for your entire family, or have each family member create their own. Read more


This very weighty topic of postpartum depression (PPD) is of the utmost importance to new moms in Southwest Florida. In learning more about PPD, I have gained a new understanding of the road that many new moms walk. I hope you will, too. Read more


For families with children who have special needs, the summer months can prove to be a daunting obstacle. The need for childcare, as well as educational bridges between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next, creates a burden. Read more

Special Needs

When it comes to summer camps and educational opportunities, it is important to plan ahead, gather information, and make informed decisions, rather than waiting and making decisions by default or out of desperation. Read more


As a new parent, you shouldn’t necessarily feel pressured to read. However, there are various parenting books out there that WILL provide encouragement and support should you choose to pursue reading in your spare time. Read more


If you’re a new mom looking for friendship, support or just a little time outside of the house, we have suggestions to help you find other mothers who are looking for friends like you! Read more


One SW Florida has fostered six children over the past two years while another family chose to adopt a newborn. Read more


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