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Family and Consumer Science teacher Sandy Brock tasks her students with creating a unique sandwich that students vote on to be served in the cafeteria. Read more


Thursday is always a special day of the week the kindergarten class of Joanna Campanile and Janell Matos at Poinciana Elementary School (PES). Kindergarteners don their aprons and slide on their gloves, ready to get to work in the early morning sun. Read more


With a mission to share their passion for engineering, the Girls Entering Engineering Club (GEEC) hope to introduce the field to young girls. Read more


For the past year, Layton sets up her stand on Friday afternoons during lunch at Lake Park Elementary School and sells “Havana’s Headbands for Hope”. Students can be seen across campus adorned with her accessories. Read more

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We all have wishes, but a student at Barron Collier High School would rather play fairy godmother and be the one granting a wish, not just any wish, but a wish for a local student in need. Read more


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