Volunteers (buddies), VIPs (children with special needs), and typicals (siblings) gather at the Naples Seventh Day Adventist Church for a three-hour session of free child care so parents can enjoy date night, run errands, or simply relax. more

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For each of the past three years, Neapolitan Family has spotlighted 30 nonprofits dedicated to improving the lives of Southwest Florida residents and animals. This year, we decided to bring our list to 100. more


For members of the US military stationed far from home, the holidays can be a lonely and difficult time. You can make the holidays a little brighter for our brave military by sending cards, letters, postcards and care packages. more


Is your child too old for camp but too young to spend the summer doing nothing? There are alternatives! Consider a summer or service or volunteering. more


Supporting the efforts of the staff are Parkside’s volunteers. One of the most significant efforts at the school recently has been the recruitment of more volunteers, principally retirees. more


In honor of National Nonprofit Awareness Month, here are 30 Naples-area organizations that need your help. more


Most educators and parents agree that parental involvement is the best way to guarantee a child’s success in school. Whether your child is facing his first day of kindergarten or venturing into middle school, you are a partner with the school. more


Naples Men Needed to Become Big Brothers

There are 276 boys waiting to be matched with a positive male role model. Do you have what it takes to be a Big Brother? more

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At what age should parents begin to think about involving their children in community service? While there may be age requirements in certain organizations, helping others is at the heart of volunteering and even young children can be involved. more


  • Donation boxes

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    Donation boxes

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