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After some weeks of research and consideration, my family and I made a few treks around the southern part of Florida to visit some places I had never heard of. The requirement was simple – adventures had to be accessible to families from Naples. more


Whether you're just looking for a quick one-day trip or a longer vacation, here are five day trip destinations in the Tampa area, any one of which will please your entire family. more


Are the kids restless? How about you? It might be time for a change in routine or scenery. Day trips are a wonderful and often inexpensive option to family vacations, and the possibilities are endless. more


Looking for a destination for an afternoon outing? Look to our northern neighbor, Ft. Myers for five fun family outings. more


Captiva Island is just a short 1-1/2 hour drive from Naples–just perfect for a fun-filled day trip. During the holiday season, you’ll find the island decorated, lit up and welcoming of visitors. more


Just because school is out for the summer, doesn’t mean that kids can’t brush up on what they’ve learned in class. A trip to the Florida Keys offers a fascinating glimpse of Florida history, without the added time and expense of a long journey. more


Hurray—It’s summer! If your family is planning a daytrip or getaway vacation, consider a museum visit. But before taking off, invest some time to research what the venue can offer your family to plan an easy and enjoyable experience. more


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