The Florida Department of Health has confirmed two cases of measles in two unvaccinated adults in Indian River County. Measles is a serious respiratory disease caused by a virus of the same name (Measles). The disease is highly contagious. Read more


Massage is beneficial to almost anyone, but children in particular have an essential need for touch. Touch stimulates our brains in many ways, most noticeably in our limbic cortex, which is the area of the brain that allows us to generate emotions. Read more


If you need more information on diabetes, check out the following resources. Read more


Barron Collier student Cami Lange is a happy, thriving teen who plays lacrosse and enjoys her friends. She is also living with diabetes. Read more


No one wants to think about dealing with lice right now but August is prime time for infestations. Here’s how to avoid them and if you can’t, the newest and best treatments. Read more


You stocked up on sunscreen, doled out sunglasses and floppy sunhats, and managed to coat your kids in gooey white SPF 30 before hitting the local swimming hole. But they still came home looking like lobsters? What gives? Read more


Just as Naples is getting a little less congested and we have the perfect weather for outdoor activities, your nose is stuffy and running, your eyes itch, and you’re tired and out of energy. Beware sufferers, it’s allergy season! Read more


The longer and warmer days of spring herald a new season and the opportunity for you to invite change and increased energy into your lie. Consider it a restart button and use those extra hours of daylight to pamper yourself and plan for self-renewal. Read more


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