5 Beach Products You Didn't Even Know Your Family Needed

Neapolitan families spend a lot of time at the beach. It's part of what makes Naples such an awesome place to live. We've rounded up 5 products that you need for your next family beach outing! more »

Family Friendly Attractions

5 Fun Chalkboard Paint Projects

Chalkboard paint has been around the decorating world for a few years. You've seen it on a wall in the kitchen or in a child's room. We have 5 fun projects that use blackboard paint in unexpected ways. more »


End of Year Teacher Gifts: Book Suggestions

Are you searching for a nice, relatively inexpensive end-of-year gift for your child's teacher? How about a special book? Teachers love adding to their class library and your child's gift will remind his/her teacher of your child for years to come! more »


For The Better: Three Naples Doctors Blend Their Talents to Better Serve Children and Families in Need

In a new program known as the Children’s Mental Health Initiative, David Lawrence Center psychiatrist Dr. Maribel Rivera teams up with Immokalee based mental health practioners in an effort to design a holistic system of care for children. more »

Naples News Briefs

Why Mom & Pop Businesses Need Local Advertising in Their Marketing Mix

Mom & Pop businesses tend to have smaller budgets and less staff and, as a result, marketing is usually the area that is most ignored. Here's why it's so important to keep local advertising in your marketing mix. more »


Top Five Tax Tips for U.S. Savings Bonds

With tax season quickly approaching,SavingsBonds.com has identified the top five tax tips for U.S. Savings Bonds. Knowing these basics can help bond investors eliminate confusion and headaches when filing tax returns this year. more »


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