The Wellfit Girls returned from Peru the leaders they were always meant to be. It's time for the next group of teens to step up to the plate and sign up for the 2018 program! more

Neapolitan Family helps you make nutritious lunches for your family that are so fun, your kids won't even notice they're eating their food groups. more

two kids hugging with backpacks

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Anna Snyder helps parents brainstorm back to school traditions that will be meaningful to all! more

Diane Maller helps parents support their child as they make the transition from senior year to college. more


Christina Katz helps moms figure out how to set a positive example to their daughters so they become positive, self-confident leaders among their peers. more


While shopping for your children this August, please consider buying some extra supplies, a pair of sneakers or other clothing items, or giving a monetary donation to one of these wonderful groups. If you need assistance, please contact more


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