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Lighting Up Your Holiday

A round-up of local events where the lighting displays are the star of the show (and where to find Santa for photos).



Passing on the holiday traditions you grew up with is great fun for parents. Even more fun is coming up with some new ones for your family. Here are 5 cute ideas for you to consider. more


Several families share their best holiday recipes and tips and tricks to make them easy. more


You want to show appreciation for your child’s teacher but are most likely short on time and maybe even on money. I polled teachers across the country to find out what gifts they are loving this year and which ones they would happily take a pass on. more


Key West Boat Parade

Rob O'Neal

From the town that brings you a Hemingway look-alike weekend (hordes of stocky, white-bearded Papas in cable knit sweaters swarming Duval Street), and an outrageous Sunset Celebration every single night comes a December message... more


Christmas morning is not the day you want to be stuck in the kitchen. With a little planning and most of the preparation done ahead of time, you don't need to be! more


College girl suitcase

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It's the time of year every new empty-nester looks forward to- winter break. Your new adults are coming home for the holidays after their first experience with fending for themselves (or, as some of them might call it, “freedom”). more

Out of ideas for gifts for your teen? Check out these ideas for your tech-savvy kid. more


This year get creative with your Christmas card photo. Either show your professional photographer the pose you'd like him/her to recreate or set up a tripod (or enlist a friend) and take your own. These cute ideas will get you started! more


Holiday joy can be doubled, rather than halved, when you choose to light the menorah and decorate the Christmas tree to honor the cultural and religious traditions of both parents. more

For children of divorced or separated parents, the holidays are an opportunity for double the fun while school is out, but that depends on the parents’ communication, cooperation and planning. more

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