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A Head Start in Art

Book suggestions that will provide insight and analysis into the art world for your child. These are books to help your little ones think about art—what it is, how it is made, and why it is important.



Christina Katz helps any family that wants to start enjoying musicals with a handy list of movie musicals that you can watch at home! more

The Arts

Anna Snyder shares a few ways to make your child's artistic dreams a reality- whether musician, dancer, or artist! more

Theatre is an excellent way to help your child learn to be confident, express himself, and be a team player all while providing her with an outlet and promoting good public speaking skills. And with so many options in the Naples area, why not act? more

The Arts

For many local families, Irish dance is more than just another afterschool activity. It’s their way of celebrating centuries’ old traditions and maintaining a connection to the past while forging new, lifelong friendships. more

The Arts

The benefits of art are many: fosters brain development, develops critical thinking skills and helps children express themselves. The following groups are providing creative art education that benefit their participants and the Naples community. more

The Arts

Naples is best known for its beautiful beaches, great weather, and endless opportunities to explore nature via a wide array of outdoor activities, but did you know that Naples has been keeping a secret? It’s also a great theatre town. more

The Arts

Are you looking for a creative outlet for your child? We have lots of options for art, dance and theatre classes for Naples-area children. more

Pursuing a career as a professional dancer takes years of intensity, focus, and hard work. These five Naples students dream of becoming professional dancers and instructors. more

The Arts

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