Naples Botanical Gardens

Kids and their love and appreciation of dinosaurs – it’s a common interest that seems to be renewed with each new crop of preschoolers. So, why do our kids love dinosaurs so much? Read more


​Naples Botanical Garden presents Unearthed: Dinosaurs in the Garden March 14 to July 5, 2015. Made with painstaking attention to detail, this exhibit includes ten large scale animatronic dinosaur models such as an 85-foot Brachiosaurus. Read more


Naples Botanical Garden Closed Monday, June 2 to Thursday, October 23 2014

Naples Botanical Garden will be closed Monday, June 2 to Thursday, October 23 2014 to complete construction on the Eleanor and Nicholas Chabraja Visitor Center. Read more

Naples News Briefs

Do you feel like you and the kids have done just about everything there is to do in the Naples area? Are you looking for new and exciting experiences? Here are 5 local gems that you may not have heard about or had the opportunity to explore! Read more


The Gardens offer a tranquil, beautiful place to wander. The Children's Garden is a vibrant, exciting place for children of all ages and offers a cooling off spot for hot days. Read more


Plant it and they will come! A step-by-step guide to planting a butterfly garden with your children Read more


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