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Close enough for a day trip, Tampa has everything you need for a fun family day out more


Several local families have shared their overnight camp experiences with us, and the parents all agree that overnight camp has fostered confidence and independence in their children. more

Visit the west coast of Ireland to take in the breath-taking Cliffs of Moher, made famous in countless movies. more


The Family Lawyers help readers figure out when it is time for a divorce. What should you consider before making such a decision? more


Meet our latest MOMentum Mom: Cyndee Woolley. more


If you've ever wanted all of the joys of being a stay-at-home parent with all of the challenges of a traditional job, working from home may be the path for you! April O'Leary shares three options for earning extra income from home. more

How to help your struggling reader. Diana Myers-Finch, president of Reading Rescue Naples, helps you learn the signs that may indicate dyslexia in your child, as well as offering some tips to help your child. more


Meet our latest MOMentum Mom: Sterling Sigmond. more


Rebecca Barton shares her experience with full-time dual enrollment in Southwest Florida, where she participated in the Accelerated Collegiate Experience at FGCU as an alternate high school experience. A similar program exists at FSW, also featured. more


Who pays the attorney in a divorce and family court? The Florida Dissolution of Marriage Act contains a provision for the recovery of attorney’s fees to assist in these imbalanced situations. more

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Incidence in the death of previously healthy children and adults from the flu is causing concern. Here are some tips from Lee Health on how to prevent transmission of the virus. more


How to survive weeks of bed rest, from a woman who’s been there. more


This year, Naples author Sandra Jones-Keller suggests swapping your New Year's resolutions for intentions. more

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Practical advice on how to soften the financial impact of bringing home baby. more

Meet our latest MOMentum Mom: Cindy Dreyfuss. more

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While many divorced parents are able to find a balance themselves, for other couples, the help of a Parenting Coordinator may be beneficial. These professionals can help parents reach a non-confrontational middle ground as a neutral third party. more


Several families share their best holiday recipes and tips and tricks to make them easy. more


Have you ever wondered how your child with autism might fare during a conversation with a deputy, firefighter, or medic if you weren’t there to facilitate? more

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To ease your stress this holiday season, LA Parent Magazine has rounded up a selection of the best new toys of 2017, as selected by the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA). more


Family estate planning

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Many people feel they won't need an estate plan until they are older and have a more established estate, but what would happen to you and your family in the case of an emergency that leaves you unable to make important decisions? more

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