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Here are 12 kid-friendly ideas for all things blueberry. more

Facts from a pediatrician will alleviate your Facebook-inspired fears about your kids and water. more


Incidence in the death of previously healthy children and adults from the flu is causing concern. Here are some tips from Lee Health on how to prevent transmission of the virus. more


Family estate planning

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Many people feel they won't need an estate plan until they are older and have a more established estate, but what would happen to you and your family in the case of an emergency that leaves you unable to make important decisions? more

Taylor Van Netta was only 23 years old when she suffered from a stroke. Now she uses her story to educate others about the warning signs and risk factors for women. more


In I Run 4 Michael, Athletes of all levels and kinds – runners, walkers, yogis, triathletes, etc – are paired with children and adults with physical, mental, and developmental special-needs. more


In Southwest Florida, running can be a 365-day-a-year sport. Between the sunshine and flat terrain, it is a runner’s paradise. more

Health & Wellness

Art therapy sessions are conducted by an independent registered art therapist and mental health counselor and utilize the therapeutic use of art to help children who experience emotional difficulties, mental illness, trauma, or life challenges. more


We have nine tips on how you can eat organic foods and still keep on budget. Plus, organic markets in Naples. more


Having a resolution of eating healthier in 2016 is great, particularly if you are attempting to get your entire family to eat healthier. We have resources to help your Naples family learn to cook healthy meals at home. more


If you think yoga is about flexibility, challenging poses, and a Zen attitude, you’ve got part of it. Yoga has physical and emotional benefits for people of all ages including children. more


​Add this to the list of new mom woes -- for the first eight weeks of your newborn’s life, your pediatrician advises you not to take your newborn to any public place. If you're a Naples mom with a newborn, we have suggestions on where you CAN go. more


Life can be stressful for all of us: for parents and for kids. Technology, of course, is part of the problem. But it can also be part of the solution. The apps described below were designed to promote well-being. more


Collier County Public Schools (CCPS) is sponsoring the first 5K Walk-Run on December 5. The proceeds will fund special health and wellness initiatives. more


The Blue Zones Project encourages healthy living principles among the residents of Southwest Florida. It is a community-centered program that seeks to create a common goal: the pursuit of longevity through healthy, fulfilling lifestyle choices. more


The Florida Department of Health has confirmed two cases of measles in two unvaccinated adults in Indian River County. Measles is a serious respiratory disease caused by a virus of the same name (Measles). The disease is highly contagious. more


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