While many divorced parents are able to find a balance themselves, for other couples, the help of a Parenting Coordinator may be beneficial. These professionals can help parents reach a non-confrontational middle ground as a neutral third party. more


Everyone can agree that extracurricular activities are great for your kids, but how do you balance that once divorced? The family lawyers help you figure out how to be supportive without going overboard. more


You have an order for the payment of support, now what?  The goal is for everyone to meet their court ordered support obligations, and most parents and former spouses, comply.  Here's what to do when support needs to be enforced. more

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Family lawyers Dale Klaus and Reuben Doupé help navigate Mandatory Disclosure. more

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Family Lawyers Dale Klaus and Reuben Doupé help divorcing parents navigate whether or not they should leave the marital home. more

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Here are some tips to help you navigate co-parenting during the summer months; however, you should always consult your Parenting Plan or Court Order to make sure you are following its defined terms. more

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The key to understanding the child support formula that is applied in most circumstances. more

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Nearly every year over the past five years, the Florida Legislature has considered, deliberated, and pondered significant alimony reform. The current bill proposes to completely change the way that alimony is determined in Florida. more

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All married couples face the possibility of divorce and the presence of a child with special needs will add an element to any divorce case that must be addressed. more

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For children of divorced or separated parents, the holidays are an opportunity for double the fun while school is out, but that depends on the parents’ communication, cooperation and planning. more

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Divorce can be terribly lonely – especially in the beginning, especially for men who often internalize personal stuff. This year, over a million American men will face divorce. Here are 10 tips to help you navigate this difficult process. more


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