You have boxes of your toddler's baby clothes that include a few extra special items, right? Rather than giving that first onesie or adorable little dress baby came home from the hospital wearing, why not create one or more special keepsakes? more

The Arts

You've seen those gorgeous canvas photos.They're creative and add personality and beauty to your home. But they're also REALLY expensive. We found a way to get the same look for a lot less! more


With school back in session on August 18, you can start the year off right by implementing one of more of our back to school organization tips. more


Chalkboard paint has been around the decorating world for a few years. You've seen it on a wall in the kitchen or in a child's room. We have 5 fun projects that use blackboard paint in unexpected ways. more


We're all taking more photos these days. Usually, the photos get uploaded to your computer and then just stay there. Why not get them off the computer and into your home for your and your family to enjoy? more


String red or pink Christmas lights as a backdrop to start and then add one or more of these cute Valentine's Day decorating ideas to make the day even more special for your family! more


Just about every kid has a pile of stuffed animals and just about every mom wishes she had a better way to keep them organized. Here are 5 awesome storage ideas to corral your child's stuffed friends while keeping them available for play. more


We have 31 days of food, crafts and decorating ideas to help you celebrate Autumn with your family. It may still be hot in Naples but in your home it can be fall all month! more


Spring is a great time of year to re-evaluate your home and make some improvements to your surroundings. While remodeling might not be included in the budget this year, there are many small scale improvements that you can make. more


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